about the project

These designs were created within a framework of Adobe's design challenges. My goal was to redesign existing websites / services which reflects on an actual design trends, but still remains user friendly.

my goal

Over the years I have participated in a few design challenges. ( UX challenge, daily design challenge by adobe, Product design challenge )
My goal was to find my unique voice in a field of design, to improve myself in a field of UX-UI or product design. What I wanted to achieve was to be able to create a product or service which in addition to looking good, you could use it in a real-life condition too, not just on a monitor screen as a wallpaper.

the workflow

After figuring out the topic, I did a quick research on what the current industry trends are, and where this part of the industry is headed. This was followed by the layout design. My design process always starts with a sketching phase ( pencil + booklet ) where I can decide which layout and colors I want to use, after that I can easily translate my ideas into any protoyiping tool.


I'm quite satisfied with the result I got because what I pointed out for myself to reach, I have successfully reached. Those tasks included:
to get familiar with at least one more prototyping tool,
go beyond on my best practices,
watch and learn as much as I can,
and practice every day for 3 weeks in a row

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