Client's brief

the Milwaukee Ballet Association wanted a modern web site, image that represents their art at the highest level, and a cms system that allows them to modify the content or edit the layout of the page at any time.
We have had only 3 months in total for design, develop, test everything before the next annual ballet festival was launched.
The art director was Josh Kirk.

our goal

The art director for the project was a friend of mine, Josh Kirk, who worked closely with management to bring the design to life. As we started to work together, my first thought was to we need a design which is as bright as the ballet dancer's dress, and to be light, delicate, airy, like the ballet itself.

our workflow

Josh did the art direction for the project, while I was responsible for front-end development. Complemented with ballet dancers, we tested every design idea, layout, function, and we got a lot of help and ideas from them. It was a typical international project because I was in Hungary, Josh with the design team in Milwaukee and the backend developers in Norway.


We managed to keep the 3 month deadline, everyone was very pleased with the outcome so much, so that everyone who has worked on the project as a contractor was invited to the annual ballet festival with a full board as a gift.
In the next development round, we have programmed an online ticket system for them. According to their latest figures, more than 80 percent of their total ticket sales are managed by our system.

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