about the project

Balasys, the dominant player in the Hungarian and European IT security market, wanted a new website and a new design language that could be used later in offline and online appearances.The goal was to create a web site and design language that suggests modern yet determined, professionalism within a 3-month time frame that was given to us.

The big picture and the long-term goals were determined through interviews with several members of the marketing team.

We wanted to find the right way to the final design that both parties could happy with as soon as possible, because of the strict time frame we have had. Worth to mention that both Hungarian and English site had 60 pages to build and apply the new designs on.

During it I have held workshops, and in order to get the best result we did market research, competitor analysis, card sorting as well.The programmers of the company were taken a big part of finding bugs in the front-end code, and they have sent the bugs over, so they saved a lot of time for the project.


We have done a job worthy of a company that develops IT security software all over Europe and which represents the value and creed of the company.

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