Client's brief

The client is a market leader in the field of massage and sports injuries, so he wanted an outstanding website. The client had never had a web page before, so he gave me completely free hands. He had one request that the colors of the logo be the dominant colors of the web page.

our goal

The client had a lot of patients who previously could only book an appointment via phone, and that was time consuming so we decided to build a website where online booking and education will play the most important role.

The workflow

I started with a competitor analisys and I have done a 2 rounds of user interviews with the two founders of the franchise in order to get an in depth knowledge about the brand, positioning, vision, and to define a big picture for the brand and for the project as well.


thanks to the booking system and the customised phone widget which handles the appointments, the customer claims we have saved him 2 hours a day. Using this free time, they were able to successfully handle everything to open their new office.

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