About this product

Zorp Gateway is a highly flexible, multipurpose security gateway which can granularly control traffic to protect enterprise networks from advanced cyber threats. Zorp Gateway provides deep inspection of regular and encrypted network communication and has the capability to filter and modify the traffic.

The interviews I'have led revealed that users accept only the smallest changes on the surface because if touching the layout has a negative impact on their efficiency, so after many iterations we decided not to touch the layout, but a light and a dark skin and a brand new icon package will be drawn for the user interface.

It was a project of more than 1 year, during this time I wrote more than 20,000 lines of HTML / CSS code.
I had to rebuild the visual part of the firewall from ground zero because the old system core was obsolate.

It was a difficult task for everyone, because the product maintenance was running in parallel. Because of the many important customers (BMW, NASA, etc.), it was not possible to leave critical bugs. There was no room for mistakes.


Competior analisys, user interviews, design iteration, user interviews + tests, design iteration + wireframing, user tests again, high fidelity concept art, usertesting it before turning desing into code,
//code session started here...


After a lot of testing and development, the light and dark skins for the Zorp firewall were successfully created. The linux version is up and running and already being tested in a live environment, and the windows installer is under construction.

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